Title: Taltos

Author: Anne Rice

Copyright: 1994, Alfred Knopf

ISBN: 0-679-42573

Pages: 467

Date completed: 6/21/11

Genre: Fiction

 It has been a while since I’ve read Anne Rice, so when someone donated this book to us, I temporarily borrowed it to read.  Taltos is about the Mayfair Witches.  Kind of.  I guess it is really about the Taltos and the Mayfair Witches.  The Taltos is a race of beings who live on earth and have a life span of more than 1,000 years.  They aren’t like vampires.  Killing isn’t their primary purpose in life.  They are much more like humans. They will kill if they have to, but they’d rather live in harmony with the others on the planet.  Also, Taltos are not fond of witches.  They don’t trust them and will do what it takes to stay away from them. 

 I didn’t realize that this is the second book in the series until after I had finished it.  It didn’t seem to matter – everything in the story made sense to me without knowing the background of the first book.  But, I give you warning in case you want to read Lasher, the first book in the series, first. 

 The way this book is written, it keeps you turning the pages.  There are several very interesting characters that you want to know more about.  Besides the seven-feet tall Taltos and the Mayfair Witches, there is a man of about three feet tall who is gruff and troll-like.  He and the Taltos are best friends.  There is also a secret society of humans who protect the history of all of these non-humans.  Any good book about non-humans has to have a secret society.  I always wonder how people in a secret society make a living.  But, I digress.

 In Taltos, our main character believes that he is the last living Taltos on earth and has given up on ever finding another of his kind.  But, when he finds out that the Mayfair Witches may be able to point him toward another Taltos, he has to overcome centuries of mistrust and work with them.