Our Mission

The Building a Bookshelf organization is dedicated to finding and supporting programs that can provide public access to books for children that otherwise would never know the joy of owning a book.

Our Programs

Getting books into children’s hands is the key to what we do. We are always looking for creative ways to inspire kids to read. In a nutshell:

1. We provide children with books they can take home and own. Studies show that having books in the home increase a child’s probability of succeeding in school. We distribute the books through partnerships with organizations who serve children as well as community outreach opportunities.

2. We create libraries in places where kids spend time. After-school programs, shelters, daycares, and medical facilities are examples. We work with the organization to determine the age and volume of children they support and create a library of public access books. A library can be a single bookshelf or hundreds of books – but the key is that the children have access to books while they are at the facility.


One of the ways we raise money is through a Read-a-Thon.  For every book review I post on this blog, our supporters pledge a contribution.  For as little as $1/book, you can make a huge difference!

There are other ways you can help. Find out how here

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