Kinsey Millhone

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Title: H is for Homicide

Date Completed: 1/20/2010

Author(s): Sue Grafton

Copyright: 1991, Fawcett Columbine Books

# pages: 256

Genre: Fiction/Mystery

ISBN: 0-449-00063-X

I’ve been reading Sue Grafton’s ‘alphabet’ series for many years.  She just released ‘U’ this past fall, and I’m looking forward to reading it.  The problem is that my local library branch doesn’t have all of the letters of the alphabet, so I’m not able to just go in order.  And, as a result, I got to page 132 of this book before I realized that I’ve read it before!  I should have kept track from the beginning, but alas, I didn’t and now it is a crap shoot each time to remember which letters I’ve read.  Never fear…I finished the book.

The alphabet series is about Kinsey Millhone, a thirty-something private detective in the 1980s.  She is solving a case in each book – without the benefit of the internet or cell phones.  She uses good old fashioned detective work to solve her cases.

H is for Homicide is actually not a very good name, now that I think about it.  Although there is a homicide, it is really a very minor plot in the book.  The overall case involves Kinsey going undercover in an insurance fraud crime ring.  One of my favorite characters in this book is the dog – a pit bull.  He also has a minor part in the book, but I’m always partial to the canines!

If you’ve never read any of the alphabet series, I would recommend them to those of you who like the Private Investigator genre.  I’ve enjoyed all of the ones that I’ve read…just don’t ask me which ones those are!


Book 13 – Pugs and Murder!

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Title: A Catered Birthday Party – a Mystery with Recipes

Date Completed: 12/4/09

Author(s): Isis Crawford

Copyright: 2009, Kensington Publishing

# pages: 256

Genre: Fiction/Mystery

 Another book I picked up because it was free to download to my Sony Reader.  I’ve never read any of the ‘Catered’ series…but it is definitely on my list now!  This was a quick read…one of those fun books that you don’t have to think much about, but you also can’t put down.  And, because I love to cook, I found it very interesting that the end of the book includes recipes.  This is something that I actually started to do several years ago…I wrote the first five chapters of a book that took place in a restaurant, and I was planning to include a recipe with each new chapter.  Looks like someone beat me to the punch!

 Bernie and Libby are sisters who own a bakery/catering business in a small New York town.  And, just like Jessica Fletcher…they seem to always find themselves catering a party that ends in murder.

 In this particular story, the girls are catering a party for the town’s richest citizen, the owner of a line of stuffed toys that were modeled after her dog – a pug named Trudy.  The party is actually for Trudy, and the food that is being served is the same for both the humans and the dogs.

 When Trudy’s owner is killed at the party, everyone in attendance becomes a suspect.