Title: Chasing Life

Date Completed: 1/14/2010

Author(s): Sanjay Gupta, MD

Copyright: 2007, Warner Wellness

# pages: 162

Genre: Health/Wellbeing

ISBN: 0-446-19498-0

 I picked up this book because it was on sale.  I didn’t know anything about it, but I am familiar with Sanajay Gupta, so I knew it would be focused on health.  I must say that I was pleasantly surprised.  The book looks at practical ways to increase your life-span.  However, the focus is on making sure that all of your years are active, productive years.  It doesn’t do you any good to live to be 100 if you spend the last 20 of those years unable to get out and enjoy life.

 Although there is nothing new and earth shattering in the book, I thought it was a unique approach to the topic.  If you want me to summarize the book for you, you should eat healthy, exercise, socialize, and not smoke.  See, nothing earth shattering.  But, what Gupta focuses on is the very practical information you should know about these topics.  For example, he takes some very common ‘urban legends’ and gets down to brass tacks.  For example, there is a section about using plastic in the microwave.  We’ve all heard that you shouldn’t use plastic when warming your food because of the chemicals that are released.  He talks about this in detail, including telling you when it is ok and when it isn’t.  Generally speaking, you don’t have to worry about it.

 There is a large section that discusses cancer and other medical issues that gets pretty technical.  There were a couple of pages where my eyes glazed over and I felt like I needed to go to medical school to get it.  But, the concepts still got through. 

 I enjoyed the book and think that it is a good, fast read if you are looking for some practical tips about how to improve your over all health.  There is something in this book for everyone.