Title: Which Big Giver Stole the Chopped Liver? A Ruby, the Rabbi’s Wife Mystery

Date Completed: 12/27/09

Author(s): Sharon Kahn

Copyright: 2004, Scribner

# pages: 290

Genre: Fiction/Mystery

 This is the third Ruby, the Rabbi’s Wife Mystery I’ve read.  This series, written by Sharon Kahn is about Ruby, who like so many other mystery series main characters, always seems to find herself involved in a murder. 

 This murder takes place at her Temple’s reunion for those who have left the congregation.  At the opening ceremony, the unveiling of the Texas-shaped chopped liver pate turns out to be more dramatic than anyone expected when a stranger is found dead, laying face down in it. 

 Of course, the story takes a turn for the worst when Ruby is awakened in the middle of the night with someone trying to suffocate her.  When this happens, she knows that the murder of the stranger is more closely tied to her than she ever suspected. 

 And, while of the investigating is going on, Ruby also has a surprise visit from her son and a fight with her boyfriend.  She is a busy lady.  It makes me tired just thinking about it!

 The other books that I’ve read in this series are called Fax Me a Bagel and Don’t Cry for Me Hot Pastrami.  You can gather from the titles of the books that although these stories are mysteries, there is plenty of humor thrown in.  I’ve enjoyed all three books.  They are easy reads (read this one in one sitting on a snowy Sunday afternoon), which is sometimes just what the doctor ordered.